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    【Microstrain launches sensorclouds】

        MicroStrain announces the release of SensorCloud™, a unique sensor data storage, visualization, and remote management platform that leverages powerful cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid graphing, and user programmable online analytics. Originally designed to support long-term deployments of MicroStrain wireless sensors, SensorCloud now supports any web-connected third party device, sensor, or sensor network through a simple OpenData API.

       According to Steve Arms, CEO of MicroStrain, “We have now expanded our offerings from sensors and sensor networks to information management and analysis, and have implemented SensorCloud™ to provide sensor information when, where and how our customers require it. This is truly ground-breaking technology and I am proud to lead such an innovative team of engineers who have thought outside of the box to make this a reality.”

      Unlike previous web-based sensor data aggregation platforms, MicroStrain’s SensorCloud™ is unique in that it leverages several new cloud computing technologies to make it easier to work with extremely large data sets using a new high-performance web data visualization tool that typically generates plots in under a second, and allows users to quickly navigate through gigabyte, terabyte, and even petabyte sized data sets. In addition, SensorCloud™ is, to our knowledge, the first web-based sensor data aggregation platform that provides a flexible online analytics tool supporting user-developed apps. Users can either upload their code or use an online editor to develop a wide range of data processing apps, from simple one-time scripts for filtering and statistical analysis, to advanced, continuously-running online algorithms for health monitoring and prognostics