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    【Boost pressure sensor anti-jamming measures】

    Pressure sensor in direct contact with or close to the measured object and access to information. The pressure sensor and the object to be measured at the same time in the jamming environment, inevitably subject to outside interference. Especially piezoelectric pressure sensors and capacitive pressure sensor is easily affected by interference. Pressure sensor anti-jamming measures from the structure. The intelligent pressure sensor can also be from the software to solve.

    Improvement of pressure sensor structure, to a certain extent, can avoid the interference of the introduction, can be the following approaches: the signal processing circuit and the sensitive element of the sensor is made into a whole, namely the integration. Thus, the need to transmit the signal enhancement, improving the capacity of resisting disturbance. At the same time, because is the integration of, also can reduce the interference is introduced; integrated sensor has the advantages of compact structure, function characteristics, to improve the anti-jamming capability; intelligent sensor from many aspects in the software take anti-jamming measures, such as digital filtering, time since school, characteristic compensation measures.

    Pressure sensor once poor interference rejection of susceptible to outside interference, so its value called a discount, the scope of its application is greatly restricted. The pressure sensor is a sensor used in most one of the sensors, which is widely applied in industry, agriculture and service industry. In a variety of environments are used, so the interference must be fairly reliable. The pressure sensor has been able to adapt to many environment in use but in some environmental pressure sensor in anti interference is not good enough, we must from the multiple perspectives, combining high technology to make the pressure sensor resistance to further improve.